Are Vape Juice Safe Or Not?

Whenever you see an advertisement of a cigarette, they always end the commercial with a warning that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health and yes, a lot of diseases are associated in smoking and unfortunately, it can be deadly.

People smoking have different reasons why they smoke. But, if they are trying to quit the habit, they use vape as a transition stage from a smoker to non-smoker. How come they are doing this?

Cigarettes Vs. Vape

  • Stick Vs. Liquid – let’s compare a single stick of a cigarette against a 120 ml vape juice cheap and see the difference. A single stick will contain at least 90% nicotine inside while the juice only has 30% at the maximum, making it less dangerous to use even if you finished the entire bottle of the vape juice.
  • Burning Smell vs. Pleasing Odor – yes, we all know that cigarettes have different flavors. But compared to vape and its juices, the latter definitely has thousands more and the good thing about them is that they don’t emit foul smell but instead imitate the scent of the flavors. Do you want a strawberry shortcake? By using a vape, you can easily achieve that in your mouth and nose.
  • Light Vs. Heavy – basically speaking, since vapes contain batteries for it to operate, it is heavier than a pack of cigarette. However, it is still small enough to fit in a pocket plus it doesn’t get squished if you accidentally sat on it.
  • Lighter Vs. Charging – if you don’t have a lighter, then you won’t be able to use your cigarette. The same thing applies to your vape. If the battery already ran out, then you won’t be able to use it. Although, you can carry around another set of batteries if you know that it will soon run out.


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